New York Waste Management Agenda!!


New York’s Mayor DeBlasio announced in April 2015 a city-wide plan to handle the city’s waste. This includes a plan for the perishable food waste as well. We always think of trash as just garbage but it also includes food. The food often is considered a contaminant on recyclable materials even when placed in a recycling receptacle.

This plan will require the cities many restaurants to discard its food waste separately from its solid waste. Recycling is a vital step in reducing the waste in the environment. Separating the food waste will make many more items recyclable.

The steps being taken to improve our impact on the environment is always a key priority for WITHU. We encourage any and all steps to a greener USA! Our products provide alternatives to the standard ways we carry our purchases and daily items. This mind set in design is giving people a path to follow to keeping our planet clean.


Read about DeBlasio’s Plan here

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