WITHU sources it’s materials from as many U.S. factories and companies as possible. We work with an online sourcing company called Maker’s Row. Maker’s Row is a web based company connecting makers with the U.S. based resources to manufacture their products every step of the way.

The main outer shell of the bag(the part that looks like a handbag is constructed of recycled and bio-degradeable fabrics from a company called Brentano. Brentano offers a variety of fabrics using recycled fiber content, including recycled cotton, nylon, and polyester. Use of recycled fibers reduces waste destined for landfills and also preserves resources such as oil and energy needed to manufacture new materials. Recycled fabrics from Brentano include blends of various recycled fibers as well as several 100% post consumer recycled polyester textiles.

One source of post-consumer polyester is recycled soda and water bottles that otherwise may have ended up as waste. Our recycled polyester fabric is fully recyclable and is never intended to reach the landfill.

The inner liner bag is made from similar recycled products from a Pittsburgh-based company called Thread. Thread sources its recycled bottles and other plastic waste from Hati. The people of Hati are paid for the collection of the waste and it is shipped.

WITHU is also researching other plant-based technology called Nano-tex. Nano-tex allows fabric to be coated with a treatment that allows the fabric to have self-cleaning properties that some plants have allowing them to be water-resistant and self-cleaning.

WITHU bags plan to be the leaders in sustainable accessories in the U.S.A designing environmentally conscious products with our future environmental health in mind.

Join the re-useable bag revolution WITHU!