TECHSHOPTech Shop A gym based workshop where makers can pay a membership to use the tools available 24 hours a day to work on their projects.

cropped-withu_logo.pngWITHU a placeholder website for the company website. Manufacturing is on hold until funding is required to move forward with production.

BrentanoGreen_lgBrentano Fabrics is a fabric company based in Illonois which is one of the main vendors of fabrics used to create the WITHU bag line.

THREADTHREAD International is a Pittsburgh-based company that employees people of Hati that collect plastic bottles to use in the production of their recycled thread and fabrics.

Pinatex-2PinaTex is a pineapple leave based textile created to replace man made faux leathers. It is created from a waste product of the pineapple fruit industry.

nanotex_logoNANOTEX is a technology product used to treat fabrics to make them self-cleaning and water resistant mimicking the properties of some plants natural capabilities.

MAKERSROWMaker’s Row a co-op website bringing U.S. base manufacturing companies together with other makers and producers to create a searchable and interactive database website to help connect makers and vendors.


joymanganoJOY MANGANO inventor of many products sold on HSN. She is a role model for women inventors and entrepreneurs.

LORILORI GRENIER is a key player “SHARK” on the Shark Tank. She is an inventor and innovator with over 200 patents and is featured regularly on QVC.


DEP DEP  is the government organization responsible for the care of our environment here in Pennsylvania.