Plastic Murder


We often share tragic stories like this to bring awareness to the public about the negative environmental impact we as humans can have on the planet. Because of our need for “things” we often forget who pays the price when we discard the items we no longer have a use for.

More times than enough even when disposed of properly plastic waste makes it’s way into our oceans and many ocean life are at risk. The chain of life is just that a chain and when one speices is affected it causes the whole chain to be disrupted. We also forget that we are part of the chain.

This is a recent article about how marine life are being impacted by our plastic waste. WITHU asks you to consider more environmentally responsible choices when you shop. Consider re-using what you already have, purchase from a second hand store and chose other materials over plastic.

You can read the full article here.

Learning Industrial Sewing

Pittsburghers probably do not know that there is a great resource available to all makers located in Bakery Square. Alice the founder and head designer at WITHU recently visited Tech Shop a membership based workshop in a gym format with access to any tools a designer and maker could need to produce goods.

Alice signed up for the Industrial sewing class to learn the basics of the machines used to sew in a manufacturing setting. The class was $115.00 which included the three hour instuction and the supplies needed to sew a canvas apron.

Tech Shop offers many classes for beginners and those who may be a little more advanced. The workshop operates on a 24 hour card access for members and features storage and a kitchen area with a popcorn machine and other snacks available.

Promo Tank Tops


Promo shirts are here and are the softest most comfortable tank tops! These shirts were designed by Alice Stanton and printed locally at a mom and pop print shop. We support small businesses!

You can only get them for free at promotional events. Sorry, they are not for sale. You can request one and maybe the WITHU gods will send you one! They are only available in Medium, Large and Extra Large and only for the ladies. Sorry fellas. We will get you on the next batch.

These shirts are 100% cotton and Made in the USA. Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by!


San Francisco Bans Plastic Bottle Sales

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.11.39 AM San Fransico has become the first major city to ban plastic bottles. They are introducing city wide water stations to allow people to refill bottles. Read more about the movement here.

Here at WITHU we like to keep up on all the latest environmental news that impacts our lives. Our products have the environmental impact of our manufacturing at the forefront of our design process. Knowing our market is crucial.

We strive to research and find new and innovative green products to do our part to reduce the impact of our daily lives.

Hawaii Plastic Bag Ban


Slowly state by state we are changing the way we carry our groceries. Plastic bags are killing more marine life and polluting the oceans. Many states are now beginning to ban them. Hawaii was the first state to do so. The

The WITHU shopper bag gives shoppers an easy solution to using plastic bags while still being stylish. The re-useable bag is always “With You” so you don’t forget it. In our research that has been one of the biggest complaints about re-useable bags “I always forget them”. Read more about Hawaii’s decision to ban plastic bags

Banning single use plastic bags is the first step in guiding people to purchase re-useable bags for shopping. Our environment is depending on us to come up with new solutions to safeguard the health of our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Read more about Hawaii’s decision to ban plastic bags here.


Too Many Bags


This is a dilemma I see many people facing while commuting in urban areas. This is an extreme case but many people care two to three bags per day. Most of the time they are flimsy and random. The Shopper bag was designed to give urban dwellers an alternative to carrying the things they use daily in a coordinated fashion. Always have an extra bag and look good carrying it.

The Shopper bag was designed to give urban dwellers an alternative to carrying the things they use daily in a coordinated fashion. Always have an extra bag and look good carrying it. WITHU handbags have fashion and function in your best interest.

Don’t let yourself be caught in this situation and look for WITHU handbags at your local retailers or online. We have a design to suit your needs with function to always keep you looking good!

US Manufacturing


We are no longer a country producing as many goods as we used to. Many of the good manufacturing jobs have been sent to other countries. This has caused this great nation to be reduced to very few having lots and many many having next to nothing. Supporting companies that are still manufacturing here in the United States is very vital to our economy.

Be sure to check tags and know the origin country of products you by. It is difficult however to always purchase products made in the U.S.A because many products are now manufactured overseas. The best thing you can do is be aware when shopping and make the best choices you can when purchasing any products for your home.

Supporting companies that are still manufacturing here in the United States is very vital to our economy. WITHU has been dedicated to sourcing materials and manufacturing here in the United States only. We need to revive the middle class with good paying manufacturing jobs in environmentally conscious factories producing goods with sustainability!

New York Waste Management Agenda!!


New York’s Mayor DeBlasio announced in April 2015 a city-wide plan to handle the city’s waste. This includes a plan for the perishable food waste as well. We always think of trash as just garbage but it also includes food. The food often is considered a contaminant on recyclable materials even when placed in a recycling receptacle.

This plan will require the cities many restaurants to discard its food waste separately from its solid waste. Recycling is a vital step in reducing the waste in the environment. Separating the food waste will make many more items recyclable.

The steps being taken to improve our impact on the environment is always a key priority for WITHU. We encourage any and all steps to a greener USA! Our products provide alternatives to the standard ways we carry our purchases and daily items. This mind set in design is giving people a path to follow to keeping our planet clean.


Read about DeBlasio’s Plan here

Swatch Boards


Swatch boards help in determining the fabrics that will be used for manufacturing. There are several styles for each designated portion of the bag pattern. They all work together to create the features of the bag. Key features of the fabrics are water and stain resistance, biodegradability, percentage of recycled materials and manufacturing process. Thes swatches can be evaluated on a small scale for purchasing for manufacturing.