Hawaii Plastic Bag Ban


Slowly state by state we are changing the way we carry our groceries. Plastic bags are killing more marine life and polluting the oceans. Many states are now beginning to ban them. Hawaii was the first state to do so. The

The WITHU shopper bag gives shoppers an easy solution to using plastic bags while still being stylish. The re-useable bag is always “With You” so you don’t forget it. In our research that has been one of the biggest complaints about re-useable bags “I always forget them”. Read more about Hawaii’s decision to ban plastic bags

Banning single use plastic bags is the first step in guiding people to purchase re-useable bags for shopping. Our environment is depending on us to come up with new solutions to safeguard the health of our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Read more about Hawaii’s decision to ban plastic bags here.


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